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Custom portraits, which are created for clients, are made upon receiving their photographs.

After receiving :
- story about the person
-the person's bday ❤️,

Misa starts creating one of a kind custom portrait.

Upon client's zodiac information and deep study of their birth constellations Misa uses her artists channeling skills to create "vision sketch". After consulting her ideas with client and combining their vision together Proposal of custom piece is made.
After 1/2 downpayment is placed the creation begins.

Misa makes 2 videos of progress, and gives close up of her painting in process and description of her vivid visions.

- creates art custom piece
- art is pack and ship to client. ( Or delivery with installation)
- tracking number sent.
- confirmation email on delivery
- artist's authorization certificate follows

Misa creates 4 types of portraits:


Stainless steel

3D Wood

Wood transfer

Copper portraits
Copper patina
Stainless steel portraits
Stainless steel or aluminum, acrylics
3D wood portraits
Wood, acrylics, on 3D wood
Transfer portraits on wood
Wood, acrylics

Smallest size 11x13
Medium 20x30
Large 34x46