I believe in miracles


International artist Misa ART( origin Czech).Throughout her life,(Czech, Chicago, Nyc, Florida and now in California) her emphasis has been the study of color and its emotional impact on our well-being.
Whether wood, metal or abstract, the rhythm of brushstrokes...a flowing mix of muted color with the contrapuntal pulls of feelings and inspiration...she transforms realism into an equally intense observation of surface. It was here that she arrived at her own signature style that blends several artistic genres into a blissful harmony.

It needs no interpretation. Her work crosses all borders and boundaries to create an expression of spirit and beauty that all audiences can relate to.


,THROUGH MY WORK, I aspire to bring our visions, feelings, thoughts and inspirations to LIFE. I was born to be an artist. I started to paint when I was 4 years old. My first painting was a portrait of the President of the Czech Republic. My kindergarten teacher suggested to my mother that I should take art classes. Later,my mom feared that I would become a "starving" artist so I was sent to business school instead. I graduated but my dream was to create and to create only. I came to the USA 2000 by myself and opened my first art gallery in Chicago. Shortly after I started to have shows all around the United States including NYC, Florida and California. I taught myself everything that I know. Managed 4 art studios and 3 galleries and one children charity in the past. (www.misaforlove.org)

To create art is the only way I know how to be alive. It is very rewarding to help people to feel and help them to see this world from another perspective. I feel blessed and really want to make a change in this world with my gift.
I was born and reborn(my N.D.E- read my book "Tower of Light") to do so and I was sent here to do just that. I would like to create enough to be able to support charities for children around the world , and I WILL WITH ALL MY LOVE and LIGHT.