Unconditional love (original photo)
2nd edition of original painting on woodAthenaFifth ChakraMelted WingsSecret WishSaluteThe Fire Within African Gold Rush
Zulu of predictionLove yourselfCuddleBody SunsetJungle Hemingway's mistressOcean diptech Hug yourselfCoco Channel"Fifth chakra""Third Chakra""goddess with earing"" Second Chakra""Breakfast with Tiffani""Gentle"My Frida"Blue Tree"Russian AromaAngelOh, Marylin" The Secret Of Maya 2012""Belizian Gypsy""Mayan Goddes Ixchel"Golden ticket"Farah Of Grace"Spanish Gold RushFlower of my HeartFlower of my mindMasked II.Masked I.,,Love Hangover,,,,Present Clarity,,,,Carnivals in the Future,,FLower your pastForwardFrosted EGOHawaiiiiiiiiiiiTwisted DepartureTurmoil timeThe Look Within,,Mother,,,,Visionary,,ReminiscenceHealing from memoriesGrasp WithinPiecefull ForgivenessDenialAcceptanceReleaseThe story of our friendshipBut Why?,, With no fear,,Gypsy morningWaiting for youStorming NightBoundless FutureSincerity of thoughtFlying againFlying without youDecisionViva la Mucha 2Viva la mucha!RetroGiftBlue VenaBlue beautyMe and HerReflectionMissing ULondonNew YorkUp-do (Before)Up- do (After)Aurora Borealis 2Violet hourAurora Borealis 1Heated memories /03Blue MoonHeated memories/02Heated memories/01TreeFurtherDreamCosmo IIICosmo IICosmo IBlue RainBambinoBabyHalf mind/copper2Half mind/copperCloserNudeMatter of the Heart"Fourth Chakra"
Misa's wood work with acrylic accents is an intense study of surface expression. Combining acrylics with the depths of pieces of natural wood, create a three-dimensional canvas.

In many cases, there is a stark contrast between the deep, rich colors of the painting, and the soft strokes of emotion that truly capture the women in her artwork. The mundane and the spiritual do not fight each other. Rather, her art breathes the paradox inherent in all of us; the need to embrace the contradictions of our lives peacefully and serenely. Full of compassion, understanding and acceptance, her wood work is a sweet surrender to these contradictions.

Misa's wood work invites viewers to do their own traveling and collect their own thoughts...they are feelings you felt...maybe did... sometime...once a long time ago...or maybe will...very soon...